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We are a global non-profit that seeks to see the world changed through everyday individuals and the impact of volunteering. We believe that through volunteerism, we all can leave a lasting impact and a better future for the next generation.

What started off as a few people looking to bring hope and positivity through stories of people doing good in the world. That evolved when we realized that stories were not enough. What was birthed as The Pen Project has now matured into Inspire GOOD. 


The problem the world faces is that many people do not have the time, interest, or understanding of the impact of volunteering. On top of that, many people don't see the personal benefits of volunteering, or are just simply not asked to help. We want to change that!


Who Are We?

What is
Inspire GOOD?

What's a Do-GOODer?

Do GOOD + Share GOOD = Inspire GOOD


Prioritize the action of service for social and community causes.


Use our influence and creativity to share the stories of impact.


Inspire others around the world to join a community of people who use volunteering to create change.

This community is the reason Inspire GOOD exists!

Do-GOODers are crucial members of our team. They are the ones who go out across the globe and, literally, do GOOD.

We thought long and hard about the best ways to better and inspire our communities, and the answer was to simply take action! Show people that it really is just that easy, and then challenge them to invite someone join in the fun.

How Do I do GOOD?


Serve with a particular mission in mind. This could be a simple meet-up, a volunteer trip, a weekly service group, or just a group of friends looking for a place to help their community!


This is where living with GOOD in mind matters! This can be picking up trash in your neighborhood, making a meal for a family in need, redirecting a moment in your day or week to help someone in need.

Josh Ellis

Community Leader

Serving as the director of Inspire GOOD, Josh is ambitious towards inspiring as many people as possible. As a long standing community volunteer, he understands the benefits that serving has and wants to share stories of the impact with the world. Josh loves traveling around the world to serve with as many new and old friends as possible.  

Top Causes to Serve: Refugees + Environment

Gloria Beltran

Board Member

Gloria is the heart of Inspire GOOD! As the very first member of Inspire GOOD, she has set the tone for our team to be open minded in our approach to inspire others. Gloria has spent years volunteering for organizations in her field of criminal immigration as well as serving women's rights

Olivia Meeks

Board Member

There are very few as natural of an inspiration as Olivia.

A volunteer extraordinaire and a masterful story teller. Olivia gives guidance to our creative drive and story telling team. She can be found volunteering effortlessly for women's rights and the arts.

James Nyabera

Social Media/Graphics

Jimmy is our first team member who lives overseas. Born and raised in Nairobi, he is no stranger to inspiring his community. Jimmy lives life without limitations and inspires the next generation in arts & culture to do the same. 


These amazing individuals not only volunteer in communities and neighborhoods but also help make the Inspire GOOD Vision a reality. They spend their time, talent and resources volunteering for Inspire GOOD and we would not be here without them. The ambassadors have also committed to serving 5,000+ hours in 2023, volunteering for organizations all across the board. 

Adili Kea

Board Chair

With 15+ years of nonprofit strategy and development experience, Adili has set a path of success for Inspire GOOD. He has traveled the world and understands the necessity of volunteering. Adili, along with his family, find pride in serving others as often as possible. No matter the cause, Adili is known to spring into action if needed, but especially when serving Refugees + Disaster Relief .

Phil Bonelli

Board Member

As a banker, motivational speaker, farmer & ultramarathon runner, Phil is an obvious driving force behind Inspire GOOD's success. After only one conversation, he could inspire you to do good in any cause around the world. It's not uncommon that you might find Phil volunteering his time with the youth in his community but he also enjoys spending time in environment conservation

Darian Stoeckl


Darian is a student and an advocate for youth around the world. When she is not in class, she spearheads initiatives local and international for our ambassadors to volunteer. Outside of her love for youth, she volunteers for human rights


As a part of the ever growing community of individuals seeking to do good and share good, the Do-Gooders are an integral part of our team. This community is the reason that Inspire GOOD exists! Together, we can change the world through our volunteering in ALL causes around the world. 

Our Team

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