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Cheyenne, Wyoming

Imagine the incredible change we can achieve when we come together as one. Join us on this inspiring journey and be a part of something truly meaningful.

Wish of a Lifetime - Write cards to older adults

The Wish of a Lifetime postcard program volunteers attend virtual gatherings each month to write personal messages that spread love to older adults across the country. The postcard program is ideal for groups, families, or individuals who cannot commit to long-term volunteer opportunities, but want to do good for others.

State Museum Volunteers - Welcome Desk Volunteer

Each month, the Wyoming State Museum welcomes hundreds to thousands of guests from around the country and the world. Visitors coming to the museum might have lived here their whole lives or never been to the state at all. No matter where they come from or why they're here, we want them to feel welcomed and excited about their time at the State Museum.

American Cancer Society - Road To Recovery Drivers

Help cancer patients in your community get to life-saving medical appointments. Road To Recovery drivers donate their time and vehicle to help cancer patients with limited or no transportation get to treatments. You choose the rides that work with your schedule. Rides are weekdays. We hope drivers provide 2 rides per month minimum; some help weekly if available.

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