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Tallahassee, Florida

Imagine the incredible change we can achieve when we come together as one. Join us on this inspiring journey and be a part of something truly meaningful.

CAPITAL CITY ROWING - Fundraising Event- Row, Run, Ride

The 1st Annual ROW, RUN, RIDE benefitting Capital City Rowing. 2k Relay with your team of 3! The PIRATE Challenge:

Teams of three will row, run, and ride their way to the finish line. How it Works: -First, choose your team. There are three divisions: Youth (18 & under), Mixed (All ages) and Masters (over 18). Each of these divisions will complete in a separate heat: Youth-Heat 1, Mixed: Heat 2, Masters: Heat 3 -Next, choose your challenge. Each member of the team will participate in ONE of the three events (row, run, or ride). The race begins with a 2K row on the ergometer. Upon completion of the 2K, the rower will take the team flag and run to the running start line. The runner will complete a 2K run on a marked course. The rider will meet the runner at the running finish line and run the team flag to the bike station. The biker will complete at 2K ride on the bike.

IDEALIST.ORG- Volunteers needed for Fsu home football games this fall 2023

Recruiting Organization: Society for Charity

Greeting everyone we need volunteers to help run one of concession stands during Fsu home games. This is a great you can give back to the community and have some fun in the process.

FLORIDA CANCER SPECIALISTS FOUNDATION- Florida Cancer Specialists Foundation - Tallahassee Cancer Center

Volunteer your Time. We Need You! Want to start making a difference in someone else's life? Become a volunteer for the Florida Cancer Specialists Foundation, Patient Support volunteer program. Give non-medical support to patients undergoing treatment for cancer, offer a snack or beverage to a patient or their guest, share a magazine or other reading material, talk and listen. Ideal candidate may be a cancer survivor or a caregiver of someone with cancer.

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