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Berlin, Germany

Imagine the incredible change we can achieve when we come together as one. Join us on this inspiring journey and be a part of something truly meaningful.

A little drop in the ocean

The Hamburg Aid Convoi has been providing help to refugees at the external borders of Europe since 2016.  

The focus is on those seeking protection in Greece,in and outUkraine, after the terrible earthquake in Syria and in Montenegro. Escape movements have long been commonplace. Too often people are displaced and have to leave their homes for various reasons.  Too often, these people are exposed to poor or inadequate care.  Here we intervene: with the provision of relief goods.  Depending on the application, these can be food and hygiene products or clothing, blankets, sleeping bags and medical supplies. What unites the clear majority of those seeking protection: The involuntary loss of home.  Escape has many faces. Many reasons. It is usually traumatic for those affected.

Start volunteering in Hamburg and protect our environment

The founders of the farm, Petra und Alex, want to create a place for organic vegetable growing, environmental protection, environmental education and therapies as well as culture. You can support their idea by pruning fruit trees, constructing compost toilets and outdoor showers and creating small gardens. Furthermore they need help with maintaining a horse pasture or laying out a barefoot path. Get involved and spend time outside in nature while volunteering in Hamburg.

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