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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Imagine the incredible change we can achieve when we come together as one. Join us on this inspiring journey and be a part of something truly meaningful.

Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare-Volunteering at JHAH

Our volunteer services started in the community in the late 1960s, with a few wives of employees volunteering in different areas, including at our hospital. By 1982, five expatriates were officially running the program, which mostly involved helping to comfort children. In 2022 JHAH has collaborated with the Saudi Society for Health Administration to offer you and your family a variety of volunteering opportunities where you can make a difference in line with the Saudi Vision 2030 and JHAH's commitment to be an inclusive workplace.

Riyadh Animal Rescue & Shelter

Animal lovers, this one's for you! The Riyadh Animal Rescue & Shelter welcomes volunteers of all ages to take care of the fur balls at the clinic. The space offers a wide spectrum of diagnostic service including laboratory service.

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