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São Paulo, Brazil

Imagine the incredible change we can achieve when we come together as one. Join us on this inspiring journey and be a part of something truly meaningful. An ecovillage in Brazil

Eco Caminhos is an ecovillage in the middle of the beautiful mountains near the city of Nova Friburgo, in Rio de Janeiro. Our intention is to become a self-sustaining community producing our own food, energy and building materials, creating a healthy and active living environment. We believe that this is the ideal scene for human development as we learn to live, work, evolve and solve our problems together. at Terra Preta na Comunidade Aldeia, Brazil

We have a communal dining hall, as well as individual houses, and the place is filled with visitors, friends, and volunteers who stay here and exchange helping with various projects (gardening, building, etc.) for living here for a while… We are near the vibrant and fun surf town of Itacare.

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